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Hi, Welcome to my web site. My name is Christine (Chris) Davies.  I live in Pennsylvania and my kennel name is Fly Away.  Fly Away was established in 1992 and is an ASCA DNA certified kennel.  Being a very small kennel, I don't breed a lot due to the time, commitment and research involved.  When I do have a litter, I strive to keep the intelligence, beauty, biddability and temperament that are called for in the ASCA standard.  All puppies born at Fly Away are ASCA and AKC registered.  They are all raised in the house and are exposed to all types of stimulations and experiences. All the dogs living here are house pets as well as competition dogs.
Since 1992, I have been involved with the Mid-Atlantic ASC, an affiliate club of ASCA, and have served as President, Vice-President, Affiliate Representative, Newsletter Editor and been on the Board of Directors. 
I have also served on the ASCA Stockdog and Agility Committees. I currently serve on the MVA Committee 
I compete in ASCA, AHBA and AKC stockdog trials, ASCA and AKC agility, conformation and obedience. 
I am an AHBA herding judge and an Apprentice ASCA stockdog judge

All dogs are trained, handled and loved by me.
Enjoy my web site and please feel free to contact me if you have any

Visit my training and agility page to learn more about me, to see my facility and a few of my students.

I train all herding breed dogs, agility dogs and their people!